Introducing Gigashield™

Designed and built to the most stringent security requirements.

Developed through five years of advanced R&D, Gigavation provides security to device communication protocols by seamlessly adding intelligence into the protocol stack itself– enforcing intelligent and granular encryption, while simultaneously guarding against attacks from malicious devices and the insider threat.

GigaShield™ Port


  • Defend from any USB originating attack.
  • All USB ports are protected.
  • Functions at the lowest possible level.
  • Blocks enumeration.
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GigaShield™ Smart


  • 3-port and 6-port configurations.
  • Use any USB device securely.
  • Track and digitally proof chain of custody.
  • Manufactured in MIL PRF-55110G Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 Certified Fab
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GigaShield™ Permissions


  • Seamlessly enforce your organizations policies.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • View granular logs and data forensics.
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The Insider Threat